Interview with Talon from the Swedish Black/Death Metal band REV 16:8.

Not many are well known with this Black/Death metal band from Stockholm,Sweden(The main base for cult bands already).But wont be surprised that will happen after releasing the debut!Which currently has been recordet.

The band in fact was/is a collaboration between member all involved in legendary bands already,namely Bloodshed and Themgoroth(Pre-Involved in Dark Funeral's debut and Infernal)
Bloodshed existed already from 1997,and released in that time a demo,2 ep's and a full length album Inhabitants of Dis.(Killeralbum!have the original as digi-pack version).

Hails Talon! Correct me if I am wrong concerning Bloodshed and its past releases, and all above that 16:8 contains almost same members as before mentioned band.

Pretty much, yes. It’s a different mix of people though. For example, Nefastus is the original guitarist from the earliest days of Bloodshed and Pata was a part of the newest line-up before the name change.

Why changing the name, and when did Themgoroth became involved in the band?

By bringing the original duo of guitarists back together and the involvement of Themgoroth, it felt as a natural step to starting something new.

Themgoroth was originally recruited when the band still used the old name, so he was a part of REV 16:8 from the beginning. Today he’s not a part of the band anymore. He decided to step off the recording at the point when the vocals were supposed be added to the album. Themgoroth had a few reasons to give, but due to the unbelievably bad timing, that decision made it impossible to work with him ever again.


Which other names are filling the line-up, and do we know them from other band/projects?

I’ve been a part of a few acts in the past, like Finntroll (live vocals) and IXXI among others. Pata used to play for Decadence, Nefastus mainly from his solo project Nefastus and of course from the original line-up of Bloodshed.

Is the line-up on permanent basis, or were/are there also session members involved?

The line-up today is: Talon – vocals, Nefastus – Guitars, Pata – Drums. The people involved are permanent members of the band. More people will be added at a later point, either on permanent- or session basis.

Talking about Themgoroth joining...there was an awful silence after his departure (?) with Infernal. Besides this band, was he also active in another musical way? Same question actually goes for the band.

Themgoroth got tired of all the bullshit surrounding the scene, that's why he left his active projects during that time. He's been active and playing during the "abscent" years involved mainly in a project called Obscuratum, a black/death band consisting of his past contacts.


I dare to say the music somewhat heads for a different direction, yet the style Bloodshed played in the past still can be noticed, somewhat more BM influenced. How does the process go in writing the songs, and who is responsible for the lyrics?

You’re correct. In a way the material obviously has some base of Bloodshed in it. The purpose of REV 16:8 is to lean the music towards BM, and the rawer feeling that we used to have during the demo days in ’97-’99. To me, that was the stuff that defined Bloodshed. Both Nefastus and I have always been devoted to BM. Now having the chance of working with Pata on drums, the conditions are perfect for unleashing the most extreme black metal.The writing process is pretty traditional. For the new album Nefastus and I have written our own tracks separately. There has been no collaboration between guitarists, no mixing of riffs or anything like that.I’m responsible for the lyrics. Thus far they’ve been written totally independent from the music. After all the music had been created the lyrics were added.

REV 16:8 isn’t the average name to pick for a band. Who thought of it, and does the meaning resemble the music which will be brought forth. Who’s responsible for the band logo?

What I can remember is that we all discussed the choices of names in the rehearsal place. I think I mentioned something about wanting to use an "unorthodox" name, a passage or a chapter from the bible. We needed a name that caught the eye, something different. I’d say the meaning does resemble the music on a certain level. It’s a basic foundation or a background to the creativity and ultimately the goal of everything. Ill is the one who created the logo.

The band recently signed with Temple Of Darkness Records. A real underground label specialized in old-school Death/Black Metal.What happened to Code666 Records? And what made the band decide to sign with this label, which is existing for 4 years now.What can you furthermore tell us about them? For example where are they located and which other bands are currently under their banner.

After the full-length Code666 offered us a new deal for three albums. At that time we had no interest in signing a long-term contract, so we parted ways. When we started REV 16:8 we were discussing some options and what labels to aim for. During that time I got in contact with Fiar of FOSCOR, a band from the Temple of darkness roster in Barcelona, Spain. He spoke highly of the label and the work they were doing for their bands. After some time of discussions we inked a one album deal.


The new album! I heard some tracks already on the bands Myspace profile, and honestly must say I am overwhelmed! Blending the technical side of the songs with the raging drumwork, and fast guitar riffing. Themgoroth remains one of the unique characters left in the scene. His voice definitely puts a stamp on the songs! I bet some real die-hard fans of his past works would be really happy about it if he didnt had to depart ways.

The songs are taken from 'Promo MMVIII'. Why this title, and where was it recorded?

The two tracks are the promo, they were recorded just to be put out on Myspace at first. Now they are released on a split EP with NEFARIUM, released by Agonia records called ‘The Unholy Communion’. That’s also why the promo didn’t have a "real" name. It was recorded in Creeper Sounds. Both tracks are included on the upcoming fullength, recorded in new versions.

From the songs that already can be checked out. What can you tell us about the titles 'Sole Crows Carrier' and 'In Wait'?

’Sole Crow’s Carrier’ is a track that was originally written for Bloodshed in 2007. It was to be one of the building blocks of a new Bloodshed-album, as the lyrics to that track was written simultaneously with two other lyrics to fit a certain theme. It’s been performed live on a number of occasions, but has never been recorded. We thought it has the right intensity to fit the material of REV 16:8, so instead of scrapping it we decided to record it for later use. ‘In Wait’ is probably the first track to be intentionally written for REV 16:8. Nefastus wrote the material and I did the lyrics. It has also been a part of the live set throughout 2008.

The new album has been recorded at A.R.T. Studio in Stockholm. Any specific reason for that, or was it a natural choice?

We only recorded the drums at A.R.T. Studio. Themgoroth knew the guy working at A.R.T., that’s pretty much the only reason I have to give.The guitars and bass are recorded at Creeper Sounds, vocals at Mandarine Studio. Mixing and mastering was done at Necromorbus Studio by Sverker Widgren and Nefastus. All the studios are located in different areas in Stockholm.

What is there to expect for the future? Maybe a European tour?
The release of the new album, after that we’re interested in all sorts of options that come our way. Of course, a tour would be a good thing. If the offer presents itself then absolutely.

Anything you want to tell,not mentioned in this interview?


Thank you very much for your time doing this interview,and all the best for the new album! Is there a releasedate set yet?

The releasedate for ‘Grand Tidal Rave’ is set to june 28.